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My son is a great kid! He is outgoing, full of life and has a wonderful sense of humour, however not so long ago he started changing. He didn't talk as much and became more and more secretive. His old friends stopped calling and he didn't want to introduce us to his "new" friends who called all the time. His grades were dropping and he rarely attended school. We suspected drugs, but thought it was a phase he would snap out of. When we confronted him we got the same old song and dance. "Okay, okay, I'll change!", but he didn't. He seemed stoned all the time and when he wasn't, he was argumentative, moody and very defensive. Our life at home was becoming a nightmare. Household items went "missing" and he was suspended from school for smoking pot on the property. Our hearts were breaking as we laid down the law; either get help or live somewhere else. We started taking him to a counsellor at New Life Counselling, where he was able to talk about his drug abuse and develop a realistic plan. We realized it was a family problem; we were getting sick watching him destroy his life. He didn't change overnight, it was more like a process that we went through as a family. Proudly, I can say our son is currently in his 2nd year of University with a bright future ahead of him. We are forever grateful to the staff at New Life Counselling for restoring the happiness in our life.

Thank You
Martin S.

I had been using pot since high school. Now at forty-five, I'm married with two grown children and a great job. I was losing it all because I started using cocaine then crack. I needed to use. The more I used the more my addiction progressed. My family didn't know what was wrong and kept making excuses for me when I couldn't go to work or missed social functions due to my all night binges. My wife thought I was fooling around because I stayed out all night and lied about where I was to hide my addiction. I was living a double life. My wife finally caught on and didn't know what to do. She would find my drugs and throw them out, which would only infuriate me. I would make promises to quit. Now I realize that all I was doing was trying to gain more time and not face the pain the addiction had caused. She made an appointment at New Life for me. I didn't want to go, but knew I had to do something. From the first session I felt relief, I found the staff to be knowledgeable and non-judgemental. I started a coaching program and was able to put my life back together in a few months. Its been 5 years since I used and my life is better than I ever thought possible. I still have my days from time to time but I can get through them without drugs.

Paul D.

I am writing this to let you know of the problem I faced with prescription pills. I am married, a career woman and have one child. I started using painkillers after a car accident left me in great back pain. After 1 year my pain had subsided but I was hooked on the painkillers. I asked for help but every time I tried to quit I failed. I started hiding how much I was using from my family and friends. My doctor threatened to cut me off, if I wouldn't get help. I started buying pills off the street; I was so ashamed of myself. I had a great life, what happened to me. I'd go to sleep promising myself that I would quit the next day but try as I might on my own I couldn't get through a day without them. My addiction only progressed. I hated myself and everyone around me. I got caught stealing at work to support my drug use. My bosses confronted me and I told them I had a problem and needed help. They called New Life Counselling and within the week I was in for an assessment and off to treatment. I'm not going to say it was easy, just the opposite it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but it was the best decision I ever made. I still keep in touch with the staff at New Life Counselling and I highly recommend them if you or someone you know is having a problem. They have been there too. What I liked most was that they treated me as a person when I felt less than human; they didn't look down on me. It's been 18 months and life is going well, I have the respect of my family, my bosses at work and most importantly my self respect and dignity back.

Thank you New Life Counselling,
Tina R.


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