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Every substance abuser has a family, friends, co-workers, or classmates who care and who have tried to get him or her to accept the reality of the problem. Ultimately, because the user is in denial, the well meaning others give up, deciding they can do nothing to help.

However, crises always present themselves in the life of a problem user. These windows of opportunity offer a moment of discovery for the user to see the nature of addiction as a problem that effects the body, mind, and spirit of the Individual and the entire family. Don't act alone. Call the staff of New Life Counselling for guidance or to discuss intervention strategies.

It's not an easy decision for anyone to admit that they have a problem and take the steps to do something about it. It will probably be one of the hardest realizations anyone has to face. For some they recognize the need for change and are ready to take immediate action. For others change is a process. Others around them can see the problem clearly. But for the client they may have difficulty coming to terms with the problems their drinking or drug use is causing them. The initial stage of change is one fraught with irrational beliefs, defense mechanisms and false images of what alcoholics and addicts are supposed to look like. We can help you overcome your chemical dependency and associated problems, with our specialized innovative techniques designed for recovery. At New Life Counselling we work with clients, motivating them through the initial difficult stages of change. With the goals of awareness, responsibility and change, clients are engaged in a therapeutic process, which promotes life changes that are significant and lasting.

Don't act alone. Call the staff of New Life Counselling for intervention training, strategies and guidance (416-939-0074).

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Honest discussion about teens and drug use.
Tuesday September 27, 2011 - 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
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