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Preliminary Assessment

At New Life Counselling we have developed an all-inclusive, assessment program that will determine if a problem exists, and to what degree, it affects their life. Upon assessment completion the client and counsellor develop a program tailored to the individuals needs. Goals are based on the basic philosophy of creating awareness, taking responsibility and making changes.

Our assessment also covers case management needs, which can include referrals to:

  • Addiction Physicians
  • Psychological Testing
  • Financial Assistance
  • Marital and Family
  • Stress Management
  • Physical Fitness
  • Psychiatric Consultation & Care
  • Recovery Housing
  • Career & Vocational Counselling
  • Legal Counsell
  • Anger Management
  • Nutritional Counselling

Individual Counselling

In the form of private sessions the client works one on one with the counsellor in regularly scheduled appointments. Recognizing the value of flexibility our counselling sessions are either offered at our premise or a mutually agreed upon site. Referrals to addiction related support groups and or treatment programs either public or private are also made depending on the individuals needs.

Family Counselling

Recognizing that families can suffer along with their loved one we also offer preliminary family assessments. In the form of private sessions, the counsellor meets with the family or those concerned. This can range from strategies on dealing with your loved ones dependency, resources and support through a very difficult time. These sessions, depending on the needs of the family or group, may or may not directly involve the attendance of the client themselves.

Teen Counselling

We believe addiction is a principle problem that can prevent adolescent and teens from realizing their full potential. School, relationships and mental health often suffer as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Untreated substance abuse can lead to legal problems, hospitalizations and sometimes death.

Counselling sessions are focused on a teen's involvement with substance use and the impact it has on their relationships with self, family and community. Weekly sessions encourage youth in developing accountability and responsibility for their life and the direction it is heading. Change is a process and we work with youth in supporting the necessary changes to recover from problem substance use and addiction.

Peers Helping Peers

An approach which we helped pioneer in the late eighties throughout the Secondary School System has been a Peer Helping Peers approach. Talking about change is one thing but many teens need someone their own age to help them find their way through difficult social times, setting up limits and boundaries with past friends and developing a healthier personal identity. Through groups and individual informal meetings we help peers develop new relationships with others in recovery.

Coaching Programs & Intensive Out-Patient

We have developed a coaching program as a response to clients who would like more support than weekly counselling sessions provide, but still less intrusive than a structured treatment environment. Our coaching program allows the client the flexibility of staying connected to their daily life while having all the benefits of a more intensive day treatment program.
Our out-patient, coaching recovery program focuses on goal attainment and life enrichment tailored to client needs. Daily, weekly and monthly counselling sessions are offered on line, by phone or in person. A protocol is developed based on the guiding principles of Awareness, Responsibility, & Change, which the counsellor and the client create together during the assessment and is entered into for a minimum of a 30-day period. This method has also proven valuable as a pre-treatment program for those wishing to enter a more structured recovery environment.

Coaching fees include all individual-counselling sessions, telephone consultations, case management work and participation in recovery oriented activities (introduction to community based recovery groups, recovery workshops and any additional therapeutic activities counsellor and client agree upon).

In-Patient Care

Sometimes treatment is the only option it may be important to remove yourself from your addictive lifestyle and environment so that you can focus on overcoming your addiction dependency, without the added stress of a difficult or negative environment. If it is found that immediate help is appropriate, the staff at New Life has hundreds of contacts throughout the local, national and international recovery community allowing you immediacy and the highest quality of care available.

Relapse Prevention Counselling

We all know that most people struggle in recovery with relapse, which unfortunately is a common occurrence. Working through cravings, preventing relapse and working through a relapse are all-important aspects in your recovery. You may find that you are living day by day with the fear of relapsing. Living in fear greatly hampers your recovery and sobriety, and is not necessary. The New Life Counselling staff will teach you how you can live a happy, healthy life, without fear and without relapse.

At New Life, we teach patients to change their self-concept through our flexible innovative treatment approach, addiction relapse does not have to occur or get in the way of recovery. People can live happy, healthy lives without the constant negative affirmations that they are sick, and must fear that they will relapse at any moment. This is only a perception, not a reality. Any person has the ability to change their perception, thinking, behavior and reality. We will provide you with relapse prevention techniques that allow you to change your perception and thinking and live a health happier life free of worry and fear.

Group Counselling

Therapeutic support groups are offered to provide clients with an opportunity to discuss their problems with others in a safe comfortable atmosphere.

Intervention Training:

About 15 years ago researchers began to realize that "not helping hurts"; they discovered that we were killing people with kindness. As a result, a person with a substance problem would sometimes arrive in treatment - or at the emergency room - too late. Every substance abuser has a family, friends, co-workers, or classmates who care. Using proven intervention training techniques those concerned are better able to encourage the chemically dependent person to accept the reality of the problem and seek support in dealing with it.


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